Soldiers In Rambo : First Blood, And American Sniper

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Soldiers are often portrayed in many different ways, whether it be in music, movies, or games, there is a wide range of opinions on soldiers. Some think of them as monsters, some think of them as pawns, and some think of them as misunderstood people. I will be taking a look at how the directors of “Rambo: First Blood” directed by Ted Kotcheff, and “American Sniper” directed by Clint Eastwood, wanted us to think about soldiers. I will also be looking at the songs “Hero Of War” by Rise Against, and “War Pigs by Black Sabbath”, and how they wanted us to think about them, and how the connect with each other. In the movies, Rambo: First Blood, and American Sniper, both John Rambo and Chris Kyle, are trained soldiers. They are at the peak of…show more content…
What Ted Kotcheff and Clint Eastwood want us to understand, is that although they have been trained as soldiers, and they are the very best at what they do, that underneath they are still human, and they have their limits, they do not always know what's right, and they do not always make the right choice, they are just like me and you, they are human, and we should treat them as such. In my opinion, these movies portray very well what these soldiers had to go through, and changed how I viewed soldiers as a whole.

In the song Hero of War, by Rise Against, a young man is convinced to join the US Army. by a recruiter, who tells him he is going to see the world and become a hero, and that he is going to fight against evil. So he joins the army, he goes through training, and when he first sets foot in Afghanistan, he thinks he is ready to face whatever challenges he may face. Then on one of his missions, his job is to capture a man, so he finds where the man is living, and takes him away from his children, who are screaming for him, and his wife, who is crying for her husband. Then they take the man away, and they beat him, and to quote the song “piss in his hands”, at first the young man tells his friends to stop, but then he joins in, and he started questioning what he was doing, he was taking a man away from

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