Soldiers Lead A Unique And Exclusive Military Lifestyle

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Soldiers lead a unique and exclusive military lifestyle. Along with the stresses of raising a family and working a specialized job, they are tasked with maintaining a physical fitness regimen that ensures they will be ready for the rigors of training for the preparedness of deployment. The Army recognizes that the selfless dedication and commitment of Army families directly contributes to the readiness of our Soldiers. Families are the force behind the force. Throughout the year, the Army observes the following commemorations as a reminder of the contributions and sacrifices made by Soldiers and their families every day. By means of a service member in the United States Army, that individual is tasked with upholding the…show more content…
Counseling emphases is on the subordinate, by producing a plan and outlining actions (positive/negative) the service member can take to attain individual and organizational goals. This is essential for a leader to develop the subordinate and should be part of a comprehensive program for developing those they are responsible for. A reliable and dependable counseling program includes all subordinates, regardless of the level of each ones’ potential. During counseling, leaders assist subordinates to identify strengths and weaknesses and create plans of action. To make the plans work, leaders actively support their subordinates throughout the implementation and assessment processes. Military leaders have three primary ways of developing others. An Army leader will be able to provide others with knowledge and feedback through counseling, coaching, and mentoring. In the arm forces, coaching occurs as soon as an Army leader contributes to another person’s development in new or existing skills during the practice of those abilities. Unlike mentoring or counseling where the mentor/counselor generally has more experience than the supported person, coaching relies primarily on teaching and guiding to help bring out and enhance current capabilities. A coach assists young service member, being coached, to comprehend and increase in value, their current level of performance and potential.
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