Sole Remaining Supplier Case Study

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“The Case of the Sole Remaining Supplier” demonstrates one of the many instances where individuals must contemplate their moral standards in reflective issues. In the situation disclosed in the case, readers are presented with a layout of facts where they are on the board of directors for a company that makes transistors and supplies them to other companies, one of which includes a business where the transistors are used to make pacemakers. Your company has now become the only remaining supplier of transistors since other companies would not sell to them. Because a company that sells malfunctioning products are held accountable for consequences caused by defects, risk is at hand.
Ethical affairs, less clearcut than business issues,
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This would result in transistor supply cut off to the Pacemaker Company.
The fourth approach, the Common Good Approach, contributes the the ideals of community. Its focal point is that “interlocking relationships of society are the basis of ethical reasoning...respect for all others - especially the vulnerable - are requirements of such reasoning” (Velasquez 5). Here, the option that best serves the community and its welfare as a whole is the best. So the transistors would continue to be sold to make pacemakers since they could promote the wellbeing of the community as a whole in the long run, especially since heart patients are vulnerable.
At the end of the day, most individuals are most concerned with the impact of decisions on him/herself and his/her ethics. This is why The Virtue Approach calls for the best decision to be the one that leads the decision-maker to act as the sort of person, the sort of human being they aspire to be. The highest potential of our character comes into play here since morals are in role, and no one wants to admit to poor morals. With the Virtue Approach, the contract with Pacemaker company would persist due to the consideration of heart patients and the Board of Directors’ good intentions towards them.
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