Soledad Brother

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Soledad brother by Jonathan Jackson Jr. When i first began to read the letters they didn't really catch my attention much in the beginning. After reading and understanding more the book started to catch my attention more than i thought it would have. This book has a very clear meaning and description of oppression. The book mainly focuses on the oppression and injustice there were against colored men and women at this place in time also what type of emotional feelings he had towards his mother throughout the book.. The author goes into very depth detail about his point of view and experiences of the unfair treatment of color people.

While i read though these letter a question i had what how does oppression engender to future generations
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I agree with many of the things you say” I can relate to this because i always thought some of my family members really never related to me and that would cause me to not have a good relationship with them but i learned that it's better to just agree with each other on basic things and understand one another. George jackson really focuses on this wich is the relationship between his and his mother while he is in prison. he connects much of his unhappiness to his mother's decisions and actions while she raised him and educated him. George jackson felt as of his mother never really told him the truth when it came to the outside world he believed he never got fully educated on how in those times there was much racism and injustice when it came to colored people. He felt anger towards his mother by not knowing that these things could happen to a person simply because of their skin color. This caught my attention because it shows how much being uneducated about racism and injustice can make a person angry. I believe This relates to much of the world today because some people are not educated about racism and unjust that there are in different types of the…show more content…
These letters speak a lot about how throughout his jail sentenced people would not listen to him or anything he would say. As to the letter written to Joan on June 30, 1970 (page 323-324) it says “I'm not really shy either , a little defensive yet- but no one would listen!” Also “ The question is do these people really want to hear what i have to say-as a victim of the first order- will they mistake it-as extreme-can these wonderful gentle people understand that only some extreme situations call for extreme remedies; that the only means of evr dealing with a situation that calls for movement is to get ahead of the people and pull, not the reverse” This letter shows that george jackson expresses his emotions of injustice of in a form of sarcasm he speaks in a way as how justice systems view themselves as “good people that do good for all people in jail”. I can relate to his because too far in the past three years there have been many cases of people in jail that are wrongfully accused and are never represented in the correct way that a whole jail process should be. This has changed my way of seeing the way some cases work when it comes to injustice now in further back in time i am better educated and can have a more open mind on how some cases are wrongfully treated and the people behind bars have no voice they are silenced simply because of their skin
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