Solicitors Within Criminal Cases ( P3 )

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Solicitors in Criminal Cases:
A solicitor is a lawyer who deals directly with clients by giving legal advice as well as preparing legal documents and if necessary advocating in court. Solicitors are generally found in firms in towns and cities and therefore are easily accessible to all.
A solicitor needs to get all key details from the client before a bail hearing. Solicitors undertaking criminal cases are also able to represent in court under the Solicitors Higher Rights of Audience Regulations Act 2010. Barristers in Criminal Cases:
Barristers are trained to advise clients on the strengths and weaknesses of their cases and to act as advocates. Barristers represent their clients in court, primarily the higher courts, to prove their innocence or to get the best sentence for their clients. The barrister in question will do legal research, cross examine witnesses, hold case conferences and write an opinion on the case for their client.

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Solicitors in Civil Cases
Solicitors in civil cases do a similar job as one of a solicitor in a criminal case. A solicitor in a civil case can still, given they have the qualification, represent their client in court. The solicitor will still complete legal documents, advise clients, collaborate with barristers and find witnesses. They may also undertake:
• Conveyancing ¬(7“the branch of law concerned with the preparation of documents for the conveyance of property.”)

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