Solid Waste Management

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Solid waste management Introduction to solid waste management Solid waste is the unwanted or useless solid materials generated from combined residential, industrial and commercial activities in a given area. It may be categorised according to its origin (domestic, industrial, commercial, construction or institutional); according to its contents (organic material, glass, metal, plastic paper etc); or according to hazard potential (toxic, non-toxin, flammable, radioactive, infectious etc). Management of solid waste reduces or eliminates adverse impacts on the environment and human health and supports economic development and improved quality of life. A number of processes are involved in effectively managing waste for a municipality. These…show more content…
Other factors to consider when deciding on frequency of collection are the odours caused by decomposition and the accumulated quantities. Descriptions of the main types of collection systems are given in the table below. Table 1 Descriptions of the main collection systems. (Sourced from System Description Advantages Disadvantages SHARED: Residents can bring out waste at any time Dumping at designated location Residents and other generators are required to dump their waste at a specified location or in a masonry enclosure. Residents and other generators put their waste inside a container which is emptied or removed. Low capital costs Loading the waste into trucks is slow and unhygienic. Waste is scattered around the collection point. Adjacent residents and shopkeepers protest about the smell and appearance. If containers are not maintained they quickly corrode or are damaged. Adjacent residents complain about the smell and appearance. Shared container Low operating costs INDIVIDUAL: The generators need a suitable container and must store the waste on their property until it is collected. Block collection Collector sounds horn or rings bell and waits at specified locations for residents to bring waste to the collection
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