Essay on Solitary Confinement

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"Supermax" is short for "super-maximum security." It is a place designed to house violent prisoners or prisoners who might threaten the security of the guards or other prisoners. Some prisons that are not designed as supermax prisons have "control units" in which conditions are similar. The theory is that solitary confinement and sensory deprivation will bring about behavior modifications. In general, Supermax prisoners are locked into small cells for approximately 23 hours a day. They have almost no contact with other human beings. There are no group activities: no work, no educational opportunities, no eating together, no sports, no getting together with other people for religious services, and no attempts at rehabilitation. …show more content…
2. I believe that this type of facility is so popular today because this is how society imagines prison to be. When I hear that someone went to prison, I imagine them living like they do in the supermaxis. I do not expect the prisoners to have any freedom what-so-ever while they are in prison. That is supposed to be the point in having prisons. If you deny a person their freedom by locking them up behind bars, then you should stick to your word and deny them the freedom to choose their activities. I am not saying that we should not let them do activities, but that freedom of choice should be taken away so that it really hits home to them that they absolutely have no freedom at all. Although I like to think that the supermaxis are just a fad, I think that they are here to stay. Way too many people have invested in the supermaxi's so that would be a lot of money wasted if we eventually closed them all down. Many people like the idea that prisoners are locked up twenty three hours a day and are constantly shackled with no access to the outside world.
One advantage to the supermax prisons is that we can isolate problem offenders in one facility. In the movie, we see that many people that are now in the supermaxi's are in there because of gang violence. By attempting to get rid of the "problem prisoners" in the prison, the peace might be less likely to be disturbed. Another advantage is that the officers know exactly what each one of
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