Solitary Confinement Or Ad Seg

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Solitary confinement in America is becoming a big issue with the way humans are treated such as higher rates of insanity, higher risk for self-harm, inhumane treatment, no outside contact or contact with other beings and also this special unit is becoming over used across America. Solitary confinement or ad seg is the disciplinary unit in most prisons where the inmates are housed when those inmates get in serious trouble or those individuals are being protected from other inmates in the jail. This special unit in the jail is referred to as the ‘hole’, special housing, restricted housing and also administrated segregation to the jail staff. Ad seg is a single man jail cell usually 10 x 10 with one bed, a toilet and sometimes a little…show more content…
There is no time limit for being in the hole, the longest prisoner ever recorded in the hole was 40 straight years staying in Florence, Colorado. You may think to yourself how can somebody be locked down for this long? Doesn’t this person have rights? Actually the answer is no, the US Supreme court has ruled that the prison inmates will be stripped of all their constitutional rights. So what defines this entity they call “prisoner”? Does this mean they are a slave, or a creature of the state? How does a person get into the hole? The inmate could be in a gang and he is giving gang information to the guards, now this prisoner has to be protected from other gang members, because he is now known as a snitch, and the gang now has a SOS (stab on sight) hit out on this individual. Other ways may be committing violent crimes against others, having too many write ups for breaking prison rules and fighting with the prison staff. Some studies have shown that violent crimes against inmates and on staff have been in uprising according to the Association of State Correctional Administrators. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has started to use Ad Seg less and less and have improved its environment for the inmates. The facility is adding more interaction with people for the inmates such as phone calls, visits, and even also adding in some class activities and already the studies have shown that there are less inmate to inmate fights and assaults on staff. The hope with
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