Solomon Northup : A Great Musician Who Played Violin

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Solomon Northup was born as a freeman; he lived with his wife and two children in New York early 19th century. He was a great musician who played violin. One day in the year of 1841, Northup received an offer for a job in Washington D.C. from two white guys, Brown and Hamilton. Northup gladly accepted the offer and travelled with them to Washington D.C. However, he was drugged and kidnapped to a slave jail where he woke up with chains on his arms and legs. Northup tried to explain to the jail guard that he is a freeman from New York but people insisted that he is a slave from Georgia. Northup was then shipped down to the South where he lived with the name Platt and was sold to William Ford, a priest and also a plantation owner. While working as a slave, Platt gave Ford a brilliant idea on how to transport logs faster. Ford loved the idea and then rewarded him his favorite thing, the violin. However as Platt gaining favor from Ford, he angered Tibeats, one of the masters in the house. Because Platt didn’t listen to what Tibeats instructed, tension between these two increasing over time. In the end, they both fought. Tibeats with his friends tried to hang Platt up but then, this poor guy was saved by Ford and the slave guard. In order to protect Platt from Tibeats, Ford sold him to Epps. Before this incident, Platt told Ford his real identity but Ford pretended like nothing happened because he purchased Platt with a very high price. Epps is a cruel guy. He often beat his
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