Solomon Northup 's Abduction And Sale Into Slavery

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Solomon Northup’s abduction and sale into slavery begins his journey into being a slave for a long duration of his life. In the book, 12 Years a Slave, he discusses the plight of the unfortunate circumstances that would lead him to a life of pain and suffering. His story, first shared after he attained freedom, reached many who then looked at the suffering of African Americans at the hands of slavery. While Solomon’s story is truly unique, it still holds validity. The importance and effectiveness of his story telling is an important turning point in American slavery. Even though, Solomon was fortunate enough to survive his abduction, his story is still as important as those that didn’t. Solomon’s experience is a first hand account of the struggles that many African Americans faced. He shows a very accurate portrayal of slave master, abolitionists, and slaves themselves. Solomon’s account brought light to things that might have otherwise been missed. Being a free educated man before his abduction helps shed knowledge on topics that might have otherwise been ignored. The account of his abduction holds higher value than those that escaped or were freed but might not have been educated. Even his freedom, which was a long and lengthy process to achieve shows that his story is wort sharing. Solomon writes to portray a very accurate description of the situation in the south. He take extensive time to discuss the environment, people, and surroundings. Focusing not only on himself,

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