Solomon Northup 's Experience On The Lives Of Subordinates

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Chained and confined in a damp, dirty slave quarter, fed enough to barely survive and comply the master’s orders, beaten and labored until their bodies just couldn’t take it anymore, the conditions that a typical slave would experience on a daily basis. When you hear these conditions being depicted, you’d instantaneously think of an animal that is being captivated. However, in this situation, slaves are often seen as livestock, sometimes even less than that. Slaves weren’t considered humans, even though they shared the same characteristics of being human as a slave master. Slaves were property, and if they were lucky enough, they were considered very expensive livestock. Solomon Northup’s experience, which is depicted in Twelve Years a Slave, written by himself, demonstrates the daily lives of subordinates. Solomon Northup was an American abolitionist, prior to that, a free-man-turned slave. Being a slave stripped Northup of his identity. Solomon Northup was a freed family-man, violinist, living the typical life of a freed African American man in the 19th Century. According to Girogio Agamben, bare life is ____________ and Northup was deprived of that. Solomon had self-emancipation, to be a free man, self-empowerment, to be able to have power, and self-enlightenment, to be able to convey knowledge. All of that was torn from him, as the fellows who’d kidnapped and enslaved him, gave him a new identity as Platt. In 12 Years a Slave, Master William Ford, is the “benevolent”

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