Solomon 's Impact On Fice Of The Bar Counsel Essay

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As discussed in the 9 month report (see above), Solomon was sent a subpoena via certified mail, which ordered him to appear at the Office of the Bar Counsel on March 31, 2016; the subpoena was issued due to Solomon’s failure to respond to bar counsel’s inquiries. The date for which Solomon was to appear was rescheduled several times due to the fact Solomon’s counsel Arnold Rosenfeld was unavailable. Solomon was eventually interviewed on April 20, 2016, regarding the payments he made to keep Janet Desvigne’s home from foreclosure, as well as the $17,000 check he received from Janet, which was dated three days after Elmore Desvigne’s death. On April 20, 2016, Solomon was present with his counsel Attorney Arnold Rosenfeld. In order to understand Solomon’s relationship with the Desvigne’s, bar counsel asked Solomon to explain how he came to know the family. Solomon asserts that he has known Janet his whole life, and visited Louisiana at least twice a year for church related events, and to visit various friends, including Janet, who were from Honduras. According to Solomon, he was also very good friends with Janet’s husband Kenneth (Kenneth passed away prior to 2013). It is Solomon’s recollection that Kenneth introduced him to his father Elmore Desvigne, during one of his many visits to Louisiana. In reference to the initial drafting of Elmore’s Will, Solomon informed bar counsel that he had received a phone call from Elmore requesting that he draft a new Will for him.
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