Solubility Enhancement Of Fenofibrate By Solid Dispersion Technique

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Solubility Enhancement of Fenofibrate by Solid Dispersion Technique 1. Introduction: Oral route of drug administration is one of the preferable methods of drug delivery due to its convenience, ease of administration and a more effective medication system than other drug delivery systems in terms of patient’s compliance. However, not all drugs are of same solubility; some poorly soluble hydrophobic drug often generates certain complexities in formulation development as well as other clinical research. As a result, increasing the dose and higher administration frequency of these poorly soluble drugs may not compensate for the therapeutic dose of the drug. Therefore, to effectively utilize the therapeutic efficacy of the drug, enhancement of solubility and dissolution profile can be a promising approach. 1.1 Techniques available to enhance solubility: The solubility of a solute can be defined as the maximum amount of solute dissolving in a specific quantity of solvent at a specified temperature. To improve the solubility of poorly soluble drugs, numerous techniques are available which can be categorized in three basic approaches: 1. Traditional Techniques 2. Newer and Novel Techniques 3. Solid Dispersion Technique 1.1.1. Traditional Techniques: Traditional techniques include- Use of co-solvents, Hydrotropy, Micronization, Change in dielectric constant of solvent, Amorphous forms, Chemical modification of drug, Use of surfactants, Inclusion complex or clathrates, Alteration of

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