Solute Concentration of Potatoes Essay

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Nov 19/12 Solute Concentration of Potatoes Block 2-2

Purpose: To determine the concentration of solute in the potato’s cytoplasm by measuring the change in mass after the process of osmosis.

Materials and Equipment: Refer to Biology 12 Lab Manual – Investigation 13

Procedure: Refer to Biology 12 Lab Manual – Investigation 13

Data and Observations:

The Potatoes change in mass after the process of Osmosis Test Tube # | Concentration of Sucrose Solution (mol/L) | Initial mass (g) | Final mass (g) | Change in mass (g) | Percentage change in mass (%) | 1 | 1.0 | 5.12 | 3.63 | -1.49 | 29.0% | 2 |
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As the Concentration of the Sucrose Solution decreases, the more the potato’s mass increases. This is due to the solution being hypertonic. So, as the solute concentration gets lower, the potato’s water concentration will get higher, therefore more water particles from the solution will absorbed by the potato. Some changed very little in mass because the concentrations of the H2O molecules in the potato and outside the potato were equal. This equality in concentration is called Isotonic.

2) When the concentration was at 0.3M, the potato’s cytoplasm and the sucrose solution was isotonic. The concentration of the potato’s cytoplasm was having the same solute concentration as the surroundings. Therefore, there would be no net movement of materials happening. 3) The mass of the potato cells would decrease, since the NaCl is a higher concentration than theH20 molecules inside the potato cells. So, the potato’s cells will evacuate and go into the surroundings, making it shrivel. This is known as a hypotonic solution. 4) The Sucrose molecules cannot pass through the plasma membrane, but osmosis can still occur. So, the permeability of the potato’s cytoplasm only applies to the H2O molecules. 5) Salt can use as a weed killer because the salt itself can cause the plant to dehydrate through osmosis. Since the salt has a higher concentration, it will cause the plants water molecules and nutrients to be absorbed by the salt, leaving the plant all
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