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Special Topics in Managerial Finance


16 Hybrid and Derivative Securities

17 Mergers, LBOs, Divestitures, and Business Failure

18 International Managerial Finance


Hybrid and Derivative Securities



This chapter focuses on other sources of long-term financing: leasing, convertible bonds, convertible preferred stock, and warrants. The basic features, costs, and advantages of these financing methods are discussed. The basic types of leases (operating and financial), leasing arrangements, and legal aspects of leasing are presented, as well as the procedure used to analyze a lease versus purchase
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Under a leveraged lease, the lessor acts as an equity participant, supplying only a fraction of the cost of the asset, with the lender(s) supplying the remainder. The direct lease and the sale-leaseback differ according to which party holds title to the asset prior to the lease. The leveraged lease may be a direct lease or sale-leaseback, but is differentiated by the participation of a third-party lender.

16-3 The lease-versus-purchase-decision is made using basic capital budgeting procedures. The following steps are involved in the analysis:

Step 1: Find the after-tax cash outflows for each year under the lease alternative. This step generally involves a fairly simple tax adjustment of the annual lease payments. The cost of exercising a purchase option in the final year is included if applicable.

Step 2: Find the after-tax cash outflows for each year under the purchase alternative. This step involves adjusting the scheduled loan payment and maintenance cost outlay for the tax shields resulting from the tax deductions attributable to maintenance, interest, and depreciation.

Step 3: Calculate the present value of the cash outflows associated with the lease (from Step 1) and purchase (from Step 2) alternatives using the after-tax cost of debt as the discount rate. The after-tax cost of debt is used since this decision involves very low risk.

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