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Q1. Solution-1a: Advantages- functional approach:- • Without the complete change in the outline and operation, the parent organization completes the given project within the functional structure. • In many of the units appropriate specialists are appointed temporarily to work on the given project and later they get back into their real work. • Employees who are working for the project has to have the ease to do different works at the same time. • In most difficult times the in depth skills of the employees are brought in. • In functional division a normal career path is maintained whereas specialists are making significant contributions to the project focusing on the professional growth and advancement. Q1. Solution-1b: Advantages -…show more content…
• Functional specialists are least bothered about the total project and they are concerned only with their segment. • It is a slow process, it will take long time to complete the project. • Lack of communication, which brings conflicts in. • Due to lack of ownership the project is seen as burden because everyone is concerned with their own segment. Q1. Solution-1e: Weaknesses - matrix approach: • When a conflict occurs between different project managers which brings critical specialist and outlook to the project the matrix approach is predicted. • When required resources and the people using them are shared in the project, conflicts occur between the different managers. • Project employees work under 2-3 bosses, lack of unity in them may cause great damage. • Practical problem like decision making may cause the completion of the project delayed. Q1. Solution-1f: Weaknesses - dedicated project team: • The project manager must be allotted with full time basis resources which leads project more expensive when not utilized properly. Q2: Solution-A In this case if I were Palmer, I will definitely go with my superior’s decision. Because that’s the ultimate decision from the company and we have to follow it. But before that I could have tried and explain the situation and the need of Olds to my project to hold him back. When it’s not happening I would request for experienced, skillful candidate rather than fresher and I will make him to take advices and
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