Solution And Pollution

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Many of the world’s Largest and most influential countries are beginning to worry about climate change and one of the largest factors for this is pollution. The number one leading contributor to pollution is the plastic bag. This item is used every day by the world’s consumers as it provides a light and easy way to carry your purchased items. Although the plastic bag is very functional it is not helping in the fight for a cleaner and healthier Earth, this is because a plastic bag takes up to 1000 years to decompose. The solution to this problem is by disposing of them appropriately. Even though the solution to this problem has been found it does not occur as many bags find their way into streams and oceans affecting the wild life in those areas. As a solution to this problem, a renewable bag was created with a faster decomposition rate and also allowing for more than one use. But how much better is the solution to the problem itself?

When considering the production of a plastic bag, for every kg of plastic that is produced to create these bags 6kg of Co2 is emitted into the atmosphere. This method is not very sustainable as eventually we will ruin the Earth and its atmosphere. The Reusable bag was created to combat this problem, reusable bags are manufactured responsibly without using environmentally harmful materials. Each reusable bag can eliminate hundreds and thousands of plastic bags. One should keep in mind, however, that effectiveness depends on the type of bag that

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