Solution Focused Therapy : Joel And Julia Graham

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Solution-Focused Therapy: Joel and Julia Graham
Solution-focused therapy focuses on the strengths and resources of individuals and families. It is based on five beliefs. The first is that problems do not occur continuously, that exceptions occur. Secondly, families and individuals have strengths and techniques to solve their own problems. Thirdly, success brings hope about the future and one’s own abilities. Fourth, reality is co-created and therefore solutions are co-created with others. Lastly, the connection between the problem and solution does not exist (Koob 7 Love, 2010).
Joel and Julia Graham
I elected to write this theory paper about a new Parenthood family. Joel and Julia Graham, the perfect couple that
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Victor was adopted by the Graham family two years earlier. At the time he joined the family, he had been in multiple foster homes and temporary placements. At first, he struggled in school and had anger management problems. Over the past two years he has improved in school and his socialization, however, he regressed slightly during the separation of his adopted parents.
Solution focus therapy does not explore the family of origin to explain why a problem exists (Murray & Murray, 2004, p.350). However, Julia’s family of origin needs to be explained as a contributor to her current problems with Joel. Julia’s family of origin consists of her parents, that are still married and her three siblings. Her parents are Zeek and Camille Braverman. They have been married for over forty years and have a healthy, content relationship. Currently, Zeek is dying, due to heart problems and is not expected to live much longer. Previously, Julia’s parents were able to help with the children and provide emotional support for Julia and Joel. However, now that Zeek is dying, the parents are unable to provide that support therefore, Julia is experiencing high levels of stress.
Family Problems
Each member of the family is experiencing problems within the context of the family and other super systems they are involved in. Joel and Julia are reconciling after a yearlong separation.
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