Solution-Focused Therapy for Families

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Solution-Focused Therapy: Effective Approach for Counseling Families Name Institution Instructor's Name Course Date Solution-Focused Therapy for Families Solution-focused therapy is identified as an effective way of working with individuals and families, since it allows counselors to assist clients find solutions to their problems. The therapy is a type of brief counseling, which focuses on economy and efficacy. This type of therapy is referred to brief counseling for it is conceptually planned and time-focused counseling that purposefully and intentionally focuses on the therapeutic process (Burwell & Chen, 2006). Brief counseling is made up of nine major components or elements. These are limitation of time, limited goals of counseling, development of strong working alliance, maintenance of counseling focus throughout the process, and high level of counselor's activities. The therapy requires a counselor that is flexible, introduces interventions promptly, carries out assessments rapidly and early, and encourages clients to express their feelings (Burwell & Chen, 2006). Solution-based counseling is a form of brief counseling that is founded on hypnotherapy and family system therapy by Milton Erickson (Oravec, 2000). This research carries out an in depth analysis of solution-focused therapy. Of interest is the application of solution-focused therapy to family counseling and its success rate to this group. The research focuses on the family since it has deep-seated
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