Solution For The Green Giant Company

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After analyzing the alternative solutions, the best solution for the Green Giant Company would be to gradually move the plant operations to Mexico. By gradually moving the plant to Mexico would allow the company time to make plans for the Salinas’ residents. Green Giant can create workshops to help employees to find new jobs, cross-train employees for relocation opportunities, and to build the necessary infrastructure in Irapuato. The Green Giant Company should offer severance packages to their employees; this may help them financially until they could find other jobs. Also, Green Giant could offer relocation opportunities to employees who are willing to move down to Mexico. The support and effort of the company to show their employees, their appreciation for their hard work could help Salinas’s residents deal with the lay-offs easier.

Given the choice if the company stayed, they would have to dramatically cut down operating expenses. This would lead to massive pay cuts and lay-off and this could devastate the community even more than if the company would move because the company would not be able to afford to pay any compensation. The danger that Green Giant employees and the Salinas residents could face if Green Giant were to shut down may be more devastating than if the company would have moved.

In contrary, Green Giant not only have an ethical obligation to its employees, but it also has one to the Grand Metropolitan Company. As articulated by Friedman,…
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