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Problem Solution The solution for the problem we observe is to design a product that has floss connecting to the toothbrush. That way, people who “forget” will be reminded to include this in their everyday routine. The consumers would be able to take the floss out. We think this is going to be the outcome because 30% of adults say they do not have it in handy, now they do! Conclusion Our solution was successful, but there was some things that could be fixed. Our suggested solution to the problem was successful because we were able to remove the floss successfully, keep the dental floss cutter in place, and we were able to remind the user to floss. When we tested this product, there was some things that could have been improved. When in use, water got to the bottom, and slightly removed the glue. To fix this, we could put a cover at the end, so it would prevent the water from going in. It was also difficult to take the floss out of the product, but it was possible. Next time, we could make an opening big enough so users do not have a problem with taking the floss out. Some possible problems noticed in the test is that the floss could slip to the very bottom, and it would be extremely difficult to get out. To fix this, we could put a slit near the dental floss cutter to prevent the floss from accidentally going to the bottom. Another difficulty that is most likely to come off is having to

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