Solution For Water Impurities : Let 's Talk About Children

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Solution to Water Impurities
Let 's talk about children... and death. These two seem to be two completely unrelated entities, right? Wrong. Pritchard mentions the interesting fact that, “the two million children that die each year from water related illnesses could have been saved.” And another child will continue to die every ten seconds until something is done about the world’s water crisis. Sure, America 's water "isn 't so bad.” People in America have the impression that they have all the fresh, clean water they could want. But take a short trip to Africa and drink out of the mud puddle teaming with worms, then say the water "isn 't so bad." Michael Pritchard recognized these problems and chose to take action. Pritchard invented the lifesaver system utilizing a glycerine membrane with carbon filter. Through Pritchard 's speech, "How to Make Filthy Water Drinkable," Pritchard employs a visual demonstration, while relying on facts to drive home the emotional connection needed to spark the audience and sponsors.
When Pritchard mentioned the idea of water being the center of the problem, multitudes of people in the audience were doubtful. However, Pritchard welcomes this skepticism so that he can disprove it with the use of facts. By giving the audience troubling statistics relating to the specific problem of water, Pritchard brings the issue to light via personal connection, which causes the audience to question what they themselves need to do to ensure their own safety.…
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