Solution For Water Impurities : Let 's Talk About Children

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Solution to Water Impurities
Let 's talk about children... and death. These two seem to be two completely unrelated entities, right? Wrong. Pritchard mentions the interesting fact that, “the two million children that die each year from water related illnesses could have been saved.” And another child will continue to die every ten seconds until something is done about the world’s water crisis. Sure, America 's water "isn 't so bad.” People in America have the impression that they have all the fresh, clean water they could want. But take a short trip to Africa and drink out of the mud puddle teaming with worms, then say the water "isn 't so bad." Michael Pritchard recognized these problems and chose to take action. Pritchard invented the
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This is due to the fact that the audience has already begun to trust him.
While Pritchard works on building a base to work off of with his audience, he understands that he cannot lose their attention by discussing the tedious inner workings of his device. Thus, Pritchard quickly skims the surface of how his invention works, giving the audience a brief glance to the science behind it, while not prolonging the experience. This “skim over” gives clues as to whom Pritchard’s audience is, as a simplistic overview does not typically target the more intellectual crowd. Pritchard advocates his product to the common businessman and sponsors who wish to know simple information, such as the effectiveness and reliability of the item. Pritchard also targets his specific audience by mentioning the low cost because from a business standpoint, this is fantastic news. Pritchard doesn’t focus on his invention’s tedious inner working, but instead uses his design’s simplicity. This effectively allows the common viewer to stay interested and engaged.
While the simplicity of the design is impressive, Pritchard’s visual demonstration also has a significant effect. It is one concept to “talk the talk” and another to “walk the walk”. Well, Pritchard certainly talks. However, he puts his money where his mouth is when he gives the audience on the spot proof of
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