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• Increase in the future cost:
In the terms of money: Most of the companies functioning presently has shown its incompetence to be capable of providing a smooth environment of GDPR. it will prove as an intangible cost for so many small working industries.
In the terms of employees: with the survey in this behalf it was found that most of the enterprises will need 250 permanent employees and a permanent appropriate and qualified Data Protection Officer for minimum two years which will increase the work cost for such small units.
In the terms of compliance: almost all the companies have to invest in more better technology solutions which will no doubt increase the cost of company.
• Rise of unemployment to some extent: a report by
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Here are the seven ways in which U.S companies can comply with the regulations of GDPR and the effects of same:
You should understand whether you are a controller or a processor: if you are falling in the category of above then you have to hold on your data accordingly and in some cases, you can be both so one has to comply with the regulations of the falling category.
Inspect your data: you have to make information regarding the same from your records it is the most time consuming as well as most beneficial work as the view point of future.
Legality: try to work on the legal grounds to understand the terms and compliance of GDPR as the EU will be the supervisory country and the processing’s will need to be in their accordance.
Get check on third party as well: one need to inspect the third party as well just because the third party you are functioning with it is not able to prove the GDPR compliance then the work they will do for data management of your organization will not be relevant.
Analysis of the any change in the external environment for any organization can be studied with the opportunities and threats they are offering to the company
It offers the more broad and clear data protection approach for U.S as well as 28 other trading companies it helps to maintain, sustain, and proper keeping of data of consumers with the authentication of the same it will prove more beneficial for the companies functioning globally and
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