Solution Preparation and Standardization

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EXPERIMENT 2: SOLUTION PREPARATION AND STANDARDIZATION Submitted by Iris Olaso ______________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION Generally, there are two ways in preparing a solution, one is by dissolving a weighed amount of solid in a required solvent and the other is by dilution of a concentrated solution into the desired concentration. In diluting concentrated solution, the concentration of the diluted solution can be determined by standardization. To standardize a solution, we will need to perform titration. In this experiment, we will standardize acid and base solutions. In this experiment, the students to students will be able to know the proper way of preparing solutions from…show more content…
The complete reaction takes place as the solution with KHP turned from colorless to pink and as the Na2CO3 solution changed from violet to colorless solution. These will be very important in determining the concentration of our NaOH and HCl solutions. The determination of the concentration of the solution can be done by calculating the number of moles of NaOH and HCl that will react in each specific amount of the primary standard. Subsequently, we can compute for the molarity by using the number of moles computed and dividing it to the net volume in the titration. This step is illustrated in the sample working calculation. Significance of the Results The concentration of NaOH based on the result of the experiment is 2.82 M and the concentration of the HCl is 5.61 M. These results are very much higher compared to the theoretical concentration of our solution. These may be affected by some errors in weighing the sodium hydroxide pellets, swirling of the Erlenmeyer flasks, or possible error in titration. One of the errors in titration is the indeterminate error which originates from the limited ability of the eye to distinguish the intermediate color of the indicator. In addition to this, we can say that preparing a solution using liquid reagents or by dilution is more
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