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KRISTEN’S COOKIE CASE FOR DR. JUN-YEON LEE MGMT 6355 FALL 2010 BY: AMIN DADWANI KRISTEN’S COOKIE COMPANY INTRODUCTION: A couple of students, roommates, planned to launch a cookie company in there on campus apartment. The purpose was to serve freshly baked cookies to hungry students late night by taking orders online. They needed following equipments and ingredients in process of making Cookies: - 1-Equipment: - Oven, Food processor, Cooking tray, Spoons. 2-Ingredient: - Dough, Chocolate chip, M&Ms, Chopped health bars, Coconut, Walnut, & Raisins. The cost of ingredient is $0.60 a dozen and $0.10 for a delivery box for a Dozen. In variable cost landlord bears…show more content…
First order: - 8 minutes self and 4 minutes roommate = 12 minutes 4-Because the baking trays can hold exactly one dozen cookies, you will produce and sell cookies by the dozen. Should you give any discount for people who order two dozen cookies, three dozen cookies or more? If so how much? Will it take you any longer to fill a two dozen-cookie order than a one-dozen cookie order? As it is discussed earlier that the total time needed for one order of a Dozen cookies takes about 26 minutes, and in preparing further 2 orders it Takes 17 minutes each that is it takes 60 minutes to prepare 3 orders one At a time. So if Kristen and her roommate have more market and more Customer, it is feasible to have 2 more ovens and 2 extra cookie trays so That production would increase and they can cater extra customers in a Lesser time. Through following chart we would know how much time would Be needed to prepare 3 orders at the same time in three different ovens. 6 minutes cleaning the mixer and mixing the ingredients for 3 dozens. 6 minutes for spooning 3 cookies in 3 cookie trays. 3 minutes in heating 3 ovens and putting 3 trays inside. 9 minutes baking time for all 3 ovens. 3 minutes for taking out 3 trays from the oven. 4 minutes for cooling of all 3 trays. 6 minutes for packing of 3 boxes for 3 dozen cookies. 1 minute in collecting money. The above chart shows that it takes 38 minutes to process 3 orders at a Time in 3 different trays

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