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Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant: Motivating in Good Times and Bad Milestone 3: Solutions Development Solution The Scanlon Plan can be used as a major catalyst to turnaround the plant by emphasizing more on productivity. The more they work the faster they roll towards their bonuses; this magical spell is a win-win situation for both the employees and the management. The management can cruise steadily over the wave of bonus motivated productivity and the employees can reap the benefits from the high production rate in terms of bonuses. The plan can be redrawn and a slight change can be made by making the entire plan revolve around the concept of productivity. When productivity assumes a prime position in the plan, employees will strive hard…show more content…
Individual productivity calculator can be devised to reward those who work more in order to keep the parity issues from creeping in and at the same time providing growth and recognition to the employees as mentioned in the Herzberg two factor model (Newstrom, 2015). This model can be interpreted as a pioneering technique to motivate the team. When the employees sweat out to reach the production targets, they give their best and the mind-set or the attitude of the employees towards the organization changes. The management should set up monthly workshops to interact with their employees, thus making the employees feel that the management is well within their reach and is ready to listen to their pleas. Organizing such workshops will stimulate the feedback process which will help the management to cut down on production and sales costs in turn maximising the returns (Arnolds & Boshoff, 2002). Organizing technical trips and field tours further improves the management employee relationship as this allows the two parties to work together in a different environment and gain better ideas. The concepts of the ERG (existence, relatedness, growth) Model can be applied by recognizing individual employees who attain the highest productivity and then rewarding them with various benefits such as growth. Growth is what employees look for in any organization as the more
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