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------------------------------------------------- Seeking a Solution Transforming is vital for a company Wilkins, Candace 10/07/15 ABC Technologies 5487 Spruce Drive Saddle, AR 72513 870-895-2138 Office 870-895-2179 Fax line Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Current Situation III. Project Plan Phase One Phase Two Phase Three (Final) IV. Costs and Benefits V. Call to Action VI. References The solution for ABC Technologies I am here today to discuss with you about the company’s outdated software programs and the storage issues for ABC Technologies. The outdated software programs are very crucial for the company. I have done massive…show more content…
* Z’s accounting did the same thing as Easy Accounting did. They lost over the course of 7 months 33% of their profit. * Accounting Plus was also just like the previous two companies and they had the greatest loss of 37%. Figure 2. After these companies upgraded this is what their results were. After these three companies decided to finally upgrade in 3 months they made their money back. This Graph represents months February to September. Project Plan The plan I’ll be presenting today is one that I spent a great deal of time on. I thought long and hard about what would benefit ABC Technologies. After going through all the programs I found that our current software is not compatible with the new servers. The accounting software Maximus is the program we use the most, they are not compatible due to the company no longer makes updates for that version, and are only for small businesses. The collaboration software Zolo C is five years old, with no updates for midsize businesses, and only works on older servers. The email issues will be fixed once we fix the software issues. The data issues can be fixed by getting cloud storage. I have found several new accounting software programs, collaborative software programs and several cloud companies, but I’m only going to recommend one. I suggest that when upgrading we do this in three phases. The first phase needs to be new accounting software, second phase collaborative software and final phase cloud
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