Solutions For The Over Use Of Social Networks For Youths

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Yiming Wang
Morgan Chalfant
English 102: J
29 October 2015
Solutions for the Over Use of Social Networks for Youths In modern times, technology is the most important object in people’s daily life. Social networks is experiencing explosive development. No matter where we are, park, restaurant, classroom, or coffee house, almost everyone bows their head and plays cell phones, smart phones, or laptops. New technologies have been becoming more and more popular, at the same time, immeasurable people are using these new technologies. It is the most normal scene that people holds their devices and has no communication with others. Some people would say that these new technologies have positively transformed communication mode so that modern people prefer talking on the internet instead of face to face. That was a very popular statement at the beginning of 21st century. However, with time goes by, one of the new technologies—social networking— has begun to show a dark side. Although using different kinds of smart devices like iPhone, laptop, and tablet PC to log into social network is not inherently bad, some young people have been abusing this technology. It is so called troubling trend of social networks usage that needs to be focused on and solved. Indeed, parents can use some soft wares to control their child’s usage of social networking sites, another more powerful way is the law enforcement, the best solution to this troubling trend is let students take
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