Solutions Must Be Made Reasonable. Solutions Must Be Made

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Solutions must be made Reasonable Solutions must be made reasonable so the readers will not be baffled by the outcome. The solution needs to be reasonable so readers can come up with the same conclusion as the detective did with the information that was given throughout the story. Clues must also relate to the solution, so readers can connect the dots as to what happened. The Speckled Band Doyle makes the solution in “The Speckled Band” very unreasonable. Doyle makes the solution where Roylott is using a snake to kill off his daughters, but the clues and evidence do not lead in that direction. Holmes must think creatively to come up with that solution, but readers would not have come up with that same conclusion based off the evidence.…show more content…
However, Holmes says to Mrs. St. Clair, “but if your husband is alive and able to write letters, why should he remain away from you” (Doyle, 1994, p. 125). This clue leaves the readers wondering, trying to figure out the mystery of Neville St. Clair. Holmes gathers enough evidence to help show the readers how the solution to the mystery is very reasonable. Conan Doyle makes the solution a little harder to figure out, but with a little thought readers should be able to come up with the same solution that Holmes identifies in “The Man with the Twisted Lip.” The Musgrave Ritual Holmes’ solution to “The Musgrave Ritual” is simple. The butler Brunton is using the Musgrave Ritual to discover the families hidden treasure, and he is using his ex-fiancé Rachel to help him do it. The solution is very easy to discover because all clues point to Brunton and Rachel working together to find the treasure. Holmes even says, “in this case the matter was simplified by Brunton’s intelligence being quite first rate, so that it was unnecessary to make any allowance for personal equation, as the astronomers have dubbed it” (Doyle, 1994, p. 210). Holmes knows that Brunton is smart enough to solve the Musgrave Ritual, and he knows that he had to have help to remove the stone from the hole so they could retrieve the treasure below. Doyle gives the readers an easy solution to this crime because of all the evidence points towards Brunton and Rachel working together. However, the solution
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