Solutions and strategy to overcome challenges in development of India

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Issues and Challenges in Development of India

India as a Nation faces most of the issues this modern world has faced. It has the issues of the developed nations like the USA and other European countries and at the same time problems faced by the developing and underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asian continent. At the same time with a diverse population in diverse geographical setting with large number of social and religious issues, India faces issues of its own with unique kind of attention. In spite of these issues India 's progress with growth and development in recent decades has raised expectations to the extent that some analysts have started predicting when India will outgrow China. Due to this expectation, the pressure on
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India 's progress in health and education between 1990 and 2010 lagged behind not only China but also its South Asian neighbours like Nepal and Bangladesh as already discussed. The lack of committed organizations to work as a catalyst between these services and people is still a problem in developing India. India needs massive number of independent organizations to guide, criticise and help to implement the public policies.

India’s problems for sustainable and inclusive development are structural manifesting in governance weaknesses as they are the pillars of all policy making and implementation. The outcome of several corruptions in government mechanism in recent time, people are gradually losing the faith. Government’s inability in i) mobilising resources and boosting the supply side of the economy, for example, through infrastructure development; ii) ensuring broad-based improvements in education and health; and iii) keeping growth reasonably inclusive and broadly shared have posed a threat to the nation’s development.

As the Infrastructure development remains a key constraint, the government 's role remains essential. India 's government has long struggled to set aside enough money for infrastructure investment. The past decade has seen improvement on this front, largely because of private-sector involvement. Also, political pressure to keep
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