Solutions for Information Overload

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Solutions to Information Overload The way businesses and corporations acquire knowledge and information has changed, indeed, revolutionized, as the world has penetrated into the epoch of twenty-first century, which is full of technological advancements and innovations. However, as the world has become a global platform, information overload has become a rising problem for the businesses on an overall basis (Truch, 2004). In this regard, the question is commonly being raised by experts that 'whether organizations are likely to find better solutions to information overload through changes to their technical systems or their social systems.' Mixed and controversial responses have been observed with respect to the subject matter of information overload in the current times. According to some schools of thoughts, the social media for the today's generation has come under consideration as a significant and vital source that challenges the ideas of data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, if the organization has a proper system that can connect and manage their information, the issue of information overload would not exist. This is usually because the data received by the organization would be processed in order to transform into a learning organization (Dwivedi, Wade & Schneberger, 2011). Therefore, a learning organization is a set of learned experiences, which not only increase the aspect of innovation but effectiveness and productive performance are also the
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