Solutions for New Valley Bank

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(1) Suzanne Roberts was promoted to the vice president of accounting. This position would be responsible for managing the department. She received this position because the previous manager had failed to maintain control of the department. When people quit the bank or transferred to different departments, finding replacements was not done properly. The company was placing people such as Bob in positions where organizational and planning skills needed were not present. His low interpersonal skills caused ill feelings among other employees in the department. He also has developed some health issues since he came to work at Valley National Bank. Another employee, Carla was placed in a position where she could not handle the responsibility of supervising and reviewing people. Even though she was demoted from the position, her salary still remained the same. Carla and Bob openly do not get along with each. It had been rumored she was also involved in a sexual harassment incident. Greg is a good employee when it comes to taking directions. However, he is not a people person nor is he good at giving instructions to others. Kathy is very smart when it comes to technical knowledge of the organization. She also has demonstrated effective management of people. The main issues with Kathy are she does not make a good salary and has already threatened to quit her position (Bernardin, 2007). Being in the position that she is, Suzanne may have had the thoughts it would be easier to
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