Essay on Solutions for Terrorism

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Terrorism is a controversial issue which spans the globe, Terrorism is defined as using force to influence or change a political decision. This is a relevant definition which can easily be related to in this day and age. There are many ideas about how to deal with this menacing threat one being a diplomatic solution some believe that the United Nations (UN) should step in and resolve it peacefully. Others oppose this idea and believe that the only solution is violence. Many up hold the idea of violence and that joint North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and special forces operations should tackle the threat head on The history of terrorism can be traced back as far as the French revolution and Guy Fawkes. These acts of terrorism…show more content…
One possible solution to preventing further blood shed is simple diplomacy. This theory is to meet the terrorists’ masterminds on common ground. Whether the terrorists may simply be paid to disappear or sign a ceasefire, treaty or some sort of amnesty has not yet been out lined to the public but the United Nations must be searching for a peaceful resolve without a major loss of civilian or military life. I believe that a diplomatic solution will never permanently abolish terrorism or postpone it in any way. In my opinion modern day terrorists are simply too radical to sign any kind of diplomatic contract with the western world that will not allow them to practice or express their believes. A more realistic campaign to end terrorism would be one of military, NATO and special forces campaigns across the middle-east and Asia. The assassination of leaders and masterminds and a crack down of people and political leaders that publicly express their support for bombings and public demise. Also organisations and entrepreneurs which secretly fund terrorist campaigns and weapon funds should be detained and prosecuted. This solution to terrorism is greatly opposed by many government officals and the public alike. Although many would like to think that there is a diplomatic solution the harsh truth is that there isn’t. To most the idea of terrorism is a car bomb in Jerusalem or an Arab firing a
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