Solutions to Decrease the Rate of Attrition among Students

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One of our principle goals as the facilitator of adult education at Cal State Long Beach, a four year college, is to decrease the rate of attrition among our students. Although attrition may be attributable to a host of facets that are outside of our sphere of influence (Kenner and Weinerman, 2011, p. 90), I would like to be sure that all of our educators are fully cognizant of the social and academic factors that routinely explain attrition at this level of education for adults, and address these points with their pedagogy and understanding to increase graduation rates.
Relevant Work Experience Oftentimes, students enrolled in our classes are returning to school after a substantial amount of time in the workplace. Many of their practical frames of reference regarding academia and scholasticism are not from their own school experience, but from their experience working at their jobs, whatever they are. Therefore, educators are widely encouraged to use this facet to their advantage and to that of their students. Pedagogues should structure classes according to conventional routines in much the same way that employees have specific routines and job functions that are performed in the workplace. Educators should also emphasize the practical benefits of whatever concepts they are disseminating to students, utilize real world, contemporary examples as much as possible, and attempt to present subject matter with a degree of regularity and consistency that is readily digestible
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