Solutions to Electronic Waste Essay

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Electronic and electrical equipment is essential part of busy world.It substitute hard human work and make it faster.The majority of mankind has computer at home or at work. In recent years changing of electronic equipment become faster due to obsolescence and fashion(Deathe et al. 2008, 322 ).The problem of e-waste influence on the future environment hangs over the modern society. E-waste ^ also known as electronic waste.It means electrical and electronic equipment which is not suitable for use and fill the damps. Electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, computers, and televisions consist of hazardous materials, which pollute the environment and impact on human’s health. By the National Safety Council lead’s 1.6 billion pounds and …show more content…
2008, 324). Kahhat et al.(2008, 957) report that many countries already have experience in recycling, such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States. These countries have different approaches for this solution. In South Korea consumers need to pay fee via buying new substituting equipment or pay it to government. Comparatively, in Japan prices of electronic equipment include fees.Recycling is one of the popular solutions, which have some specific features.

From the environmental point of view, recycling is important, because it eliminates hazardous material’s influence.Cui, and Forssberg (2003, 243-263) show that if metals recycle, the majority of energy will be saved. For aluminum, the number of saving energy is 95%. In respect of accessibility for consumers, there are some disadvantages because of the cost. If people bought their equipment before the “PC Recycling Mark” was enacted, they should pay fees of approximately US$40(PC3R, 2008; Terazono et al., 2006; Yoshida et al., 2007). If their equipment has installed “PC Recycling Mark”, they will not pay fee, because it is included within the price of equipment. However, people can sell their old electronics to the recycling companies and retrieve some money. Evidence for complication of feasibility has been asserted by Liu et al.(2006) and Greenpeace(2005), which showed that recycling still may doing by hand and it injures the worker’s
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