Solutions to preventing the spread of global warming and its affects

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“The American flag has gone through changes over time; those changes have made an impact on our country and made it what it is today.” Our earth is like the American flag, it is constantly changing, and one issue that affects our earth is global warming. We now live in an industrialized world which is filled with many new technologies that provide goods and services to us, provide us with energy and electricity and transportation. These new technological advances have made our lives much easier to live with. These technologies include things such as: factories, power plants, automobiles, etc… this has made the human population very dependent and accustomed to all of these technological advances. The use of technology requires the energy of…show more content…
The chart correlates the increase in years towards the number of natural disasters presented. The chart slowing increases upwards as time moves on, the graph steadily rises due to the increase in temperature. The increase in earth’s temperatures results in more atmospheric moisture; this increases the precipitation and flood levels. Finally this results in more storm energy, increasing occurrences of tropical storm, tornadoes and thunderstorms. The earth is experiencing the influence of global warming that is in our present day; nonetheless we can foresee major changes in the near future. Even though the threat of global warming is present and should be dealt with, some people believe that global warming isn’t a real issue that should be dealt with. Richard S. Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan professor of meteorology at the Massachusetts institute of Technology, tells us that the earth is constantly warming up and cooling down by at least a few tenths of a degree. He believes that this is just what normal weather and climate should be. He also states that, global warming is a crisis that does not need to be dealt with presently. The argument informs us that the emissions of carbon dioxide from the green-house gases aren’t relevant to cause major changes within environment. But is that really the case? Global warming is caused by climate changes that occur in

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