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Solve a Problem PHL/458 Determining Disciplinary Action for Employees in the Workplace My role as manager requires me to observe all loss prevention issues and perform the necessary disciplinary action associated with them. When observing employee issues and assessing the disciplinary action previously taken in the past, I noticed the course of action for offenders was limited. You simply were reprimanded once and fired if the problem persisted. I initially thought this was unfair to our employees because every problem did not warrant the same disciplinary action. After critical examination of possible solutions to the disciplinary process within our company, I concluded management should implement better training for its…show more content…
Rather, it is achievable by anyone who is willing to work hard and patiently. Three steps are involved: working out the details of the solution, finding imperfections and complications, and making improvements. ("Refine Your Solution to the Problem"). My first step in working out the details to my original solution was to simply add a verbal and written warning process. Instead of an employee being fired after two infractions, I proposed the company first give a verbal warning. The next infraction would be followed by a written warning as well as specific training in regards to the infraction being made. If the employee were to make another mistake, it would then be up to management to then terminate the employee. The second step used in refining the solution to my problem was to find imperfections and complications. I realized my idea of implementing more training, verbal and written warnings must first be presented to the other managers who worked with me as well. I realized my ideas may be met with negative feedback from both co-workers as well as the employees who worked with us as well. I decided because the positive effect my idea would have on the company would outweigh the negative feedback, I would next focus my attention on the presentation of my idea. The last step was to make improvements to my original idea. I decided to present my solution in an open forum with both staff and management and have an open
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