Solve the Bullying Problem

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Rebecca was bullied by as many as 15 girls online. She jumped to her death from an abandoned cement factory tower. Rebecca was taken out of the school where the bullying students had attended but the bullying didn’t stop. While attending her old school she got jumped and told that she should “drink bleach and die” by one of the two girls who got arrested for this tragedy. In the United States bullying is becoming a major problem that no one is really trying to fix. Bullying can happen to anyone whether he or she is popular at school or the outcast. Being bullied is not fun and can cause some major issues with the children being bullied. Since smartphones and laptops started coming out, a new type of bullying has started, cyberbullying. All teens are starting to get on social media websites like Facebook, Myspace, and many others. A lot of teens see cyberbullying while on these sites. Some may try and stop it but a majority does not. Cyberbullying is when a person uses an electronic device to say mean and hurtful things to somebody. Cyberbullying can lead to many things such as depression, anxiety and, in worst case scenario, suicide. Eighty-five percent of children ages 13-17 have a social networking account (American Osteropathic Association, 2011). Most parents let their children be on these sites and then they don’t monitor them so they can do things like bully children or post…

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