Solving And Prioritizing Cii's Problems

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After defining and prioritizing CII’s problems, I will begin the implementation process by focusing on the goals Dr. Wachtel and I set, deciding on specific interventions, and formulating a plan to be accomplished. The three goals proposed are to reduce counselor burnout, improve client satisfaction, and increase cultural sensitivity. Due to the dynamic and intertwined nature of the problems, they may all be addressed simultaneously at one point in the process. To begin, the first intervention will focus on reducing the burn out and absenteeism, employing three different interventions. The first intervention is to hire more staff, including per diem and part time employees, to reduce the caseload of the existing clinicians. This will be measured by increasing staff by 20 percent. A second intervention, to address burnout, is to increase supervision, as measured by reducing the ratio of supervisee’s to supervisors to three to one. The third intervention is to create staff process groups, where counselors can discuss concerns, general information, and even their cases. With the creation of this group, CII will have greater transparency and communication among staff and Dr. Wachtel. It is clear that the influx of clients has caused strain on the staff as they are taking on many more cases and are becoming overwhelmed. The purpose of these interventions is to increase support for the staff in a variety of ways so that everyone is able to provide quality services. To address

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