Solving Ethical Dilemmas

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Solving Ethical Dilemmas in the Accounting Profession

LaKeesha Lawler


January 14, 2011

Dan Jensen

Solving Ethical Dilemmas in the Accounting Profession

The Dilemma of an Accountant

Baker Greenleaf was one of the Big Eight accounting firms. Daniel Potter was a highly ethical accountant that placed a lot of value on integrity. He was hired to work as an accountant for the firm. Baker like many other firms was faced with a dilemma that tested the firm’s ethical standings. Even though a firm may be faced with a difficult decision, the firm’s ethical standing helps determine the best ethical decision for each situation. To reach the best ethical decision it is best to use philosophical approaches in addition to the
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Dan is a guy that has high ethics and integrity who bases his decisions on those aspects.

Baker Greenleaf is the firm handling the account. Baker’s reputation is at stake, if the wrong decision is made the firm’s reputation may be ruined. The firm could lose clients, revenue, and face lawsuits if the wrong decision is reached. The wrong decision may also cause the firm to lose investors.

Oliver, who is the project senior and has about six years of experience with Baker risks losing a promotion. He also risks not gaining exclusive control over the account. This could cause Baker to lose profit.

The client (SUB) has it reputation at risk. The clients may lose potential buyers if people discovered the SUB falsifies its reports. The clients may also face lawsuits if the reports are not corrected.

Gene is assisting Dan with the account and she may have a promotion at risk too. She has her reputation, ethics, and integrity on the line. Participating with the wrong decision could also put her job at Baker at risk.

Clients/customers of the SUB may be over charged if the reports are falsified. The clients/customers may also choose to do business with another company because of the situation.

Solution for the Dilemma

Dan’s decision to refuse to falsify the reports was the right decision not only for himself but the firm as well. Dan’s decision was based on the deontology approach; he was more concerned about his duties, obligations, morals,
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