Solving Problems, Designing Systems And Understanding Human Behaviour

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Computational thinking “...Involves solving problems, designing systems and understanding human behaviour by drawing on the concepts fundamental to computer science” (Jeannette M. Wing, 2006). It is also important in solving problems in several other domains. For example, it is needed when conducting a school play, a task that initially appears to be straight forward however involves solving several sub problems. The aim of this essay is to provide a strategy for one of the players in the Scotland Yard game through the use of computational themes and techniques. Mr X’s objective is to remain hidden from the detectives by moving location every turn whilst making it appear to them that he is in numerous locations at any given time. A problem solving process, which was derived by Paul Vickers, is the fundamental strategy followed when attempting to solve a problem and involves a repeated process consisting of “understanding the problem, developing a plan to solve the problem, carrying out the plan / attack, assessing the result, i.e. look back — check the result and reflect upon it, describe what we have learnt from the process, explain our results” (Errol Thompson, 2016) until a solution is discovered. The Vickers Process is shown in Figure 1: Figure 1-The Problem Solving Process / Vickers Process The Vickers Process involves breaking down and analysing each stage following each complete cycle, allowing mistakes to be identified and rectified. This process can be
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