Solving The Highest Level Of An Interest Approach

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1. Creating a “felt need” is a saying used to explain the highest level of an interest approach. This term is best explained by a desire to know more. The felt need interest approach forces students to take action, contains a provocative situation, and challenges students to a higher level than the lower level interest approaches. A felt need is successfully created when the students feel personally connected to the lesson to follow (Moore, 2015). 2. In a Principles of AFNR course I plan to use an interest approach that relates to problem solving and critical thinking. I will play the song, “That’s the Night the Lights Went out in Georgia.” The students will be asked to listen to the song with the instructions of trying to determine the murderer, narrator, and victim. At the end we will compare answers and discuss the importance of paying attention, listening to context clues, and thinking deeper before making certain decisions. I think this will be an effective interest approach because it puts the students into a provocative situation and forces them to make a decision (Moore, 2015). Because most students relate well to music, they will feel a personal connection that will lead them to being interested in the lesson. The second interest approach I plan to use relates the food topic in Principles of AFNR. I will have the students list what they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner. They will then take each food item and write down where they think it came from. I will then ask
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