Solving The Problem Of Disrepair Within Public Housing

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Within years, multiple regulations, laws, plans, and initiatives were created in order to resolve the problem of disrepair in public housing. Next Generation Plan is the next big thing which is supposed to decrease the number of unresolved disrepair cases dramatically. There is also multiple regulations that were created to combat this issue: 1. Real-Time Dispatching & myNYCHA App 2. One Call 3. Real-Time Repairs 4. Optimal Property Management Operating Model (OPMOM) Real-Time Dispatching & myNYCHA App-was created because repairs on a single project take very long time, where tenants submit multiple complaints and work order on the same issue. This option will allow tenants to submit a work order through the application on their…show more content…
Due to the growing number of complaints and work orders, it is impossible to address all issues at one time, thus this option has not been successful so far. Real time repairs option was created in June 2015, and reflected minor repairs which should be submitted as work orders, but should be addressed immediately at the time of inspection of the apartment. The limitation of this option is that not all apartments are being inspected regularly and minor repairs are submitted as new open work orders. Optimal Property Management Operating Model (OPMOM) launched in January 2016 and is currently being tested. This strategy was created in response to repairs taking too long of a time to be addressed and completed. With OPMOM option, those locations with local managements will be empowered to use their own staffing to resolve the disrepair issue within 7 days. Local management is to determine staffing and budget for this option. While Public Housing Law §37 sets up and raises valid points about repairs and maintenance of public housing, in its current form, Public Housing Law §37 has a lot of room for improvements. Further in this memorandum, I will discuss options that should be incorporated into the law, in order to make comprehensive and resolve the issue of disrepair and maintenance more successfully. Literature Review About twenty-five (25) years ago, Congress together with Department of Housing developed a
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