Solving The Problem Of Negotiating Poverty Essay

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Negotiating Poverty
Poverty; “A condition where people’s basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met” (Business Dictionary). In order to defeat poverty, we need different tactics to identify the families, assess the situation and its urgency, and slowly tackle the economic situation one step at a time. We will need a lot of partners, a lot of cooperation, and a lot of ideas in making it all possible. So let us start our journey to fixing the problem in Atlantic County.
Our social workers will have to have certain traits and skills in order to be able to appeal to people, create bonds with them, and then carry out what they have promised. One major, yet basic skills needed is “The ability to work efficiently with people” (Zastrow 90). In order to appeal to people, make contracts and arrangements, and find the resources to follow through with plans, good people skills are key in doing so. Another important quality is that the social workers have to have a variety of goals in mind. Those include ideas of power equality, belief for major change, ideas for creativity, and desire for shared leadership. Though these are all very big, they usually work hand-in-hand and when a social worker has one quality, they usually have the others as well. Hopefully, through good people skills, common goals, and pure motivation to the cause, the group of social workers will be unstoppable at changing the poverty situation in Atlantic County for the better.
Of course, there are
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