Solving The Vm Team Through The Problem Solving Process

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Systematic Process: Job plan consisting of a sequence of steps that guide the VM team through the problem solving process. (see chapter 3)
Multidisciplinary effort: individuals are brought together to analyse all aspects of the project. VM facilitator will lead the group while they work together. Different disciplines are brought together to make use of expert experience obtained by individuals in every area of the construction project.
Functions: quality reliability, safety and aesthetic features wanted by the client will not be compromised. Questions will be asked to obtain the correct function of a certain feature like what does it do and what function will it achieve.
Value: improve value by balancing costs, time and function/quality of the project. Norton (1995:14) explains that there are three ways of gaining better value by implementing VM:
• All outlined project functions should be provided. However, costs should be reduced to a minimum where possible. This is all done without compromising project functions.
• Functions other than the existing may be introduced while making sure that the costs are kept the same.
• further functions may be provided and at the same time reduce the costs.
Value Management is the managing the progression of a construction project from the initial phases to its completion in order to increase its functional value.
CP de Leeuw (1998) explains that Value Management is not a process initiated to cut the project costs nor is it a design…
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