Essay about Solving the Foreclosure Crisis and Egotistical Materialism

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The foreclosure crisis in America is only an effect of a much deeper underlying problem: egotistical materialism. The “American Dream” has unfortunately promoted this problem by affecting Americans everywhere, convincing them that it is possible to get whatever they want, at whatever cost. In itself the dream to succeed is not completely wrong—but the cost it often takes is devastating. Americans are realizing that merely getting what they want is not always enough; there are factors which must be considered beyond the end they strive for. These factors often include the ability to provide monetary support and upkeep…taxes, anyone? However, inflation has made the success of even the most meticulous planning exceedingly difficult. In…show more content…
There are limited resources out there for financial aid, and most students emerge from their necessary college experience several thousand dollars in debt. They are then faced with the harsh reality: a college degree does not ensure job placement. The graduate then seeks to find a place to live, and with their already incurred college debt hanging darkly over their financial records, it seems to matter little whether they add to it or not. Thus the downward spiral begins, and it is difficult for even the most financially-wise person to extinguish before many years pass.
It is obvious, of course, that in this day and age most people must be able to be proficient in many things; thus the importance and popularity of a liberal arts degree. However, this still does not shed even the remotest proof on the claim that all young people should go to college. You see, this is tied back to the age old discussion of quantity over quality. A simple solution would consist of improving the academic quality of the schools in the United States, for it is almost universally acknowledged that American education is less than excellent. Yes, there are certain schools which are academically challenging and produce people who are intellectually competent and ready to face the world. However, it is an unfortunate modern fad that “no child should be left behind.” Unfortunate, because its real purpose is
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