Solving the Ritalin Riddle

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Sadly, 75 out of 100 children who visit a psychiatrist's office for the very first time, leave with at least one prescription for ADD or ADHD. Kirk Martin, Founder of educational foundation Celebrate! ADHD, states “We must change everything else-our attitudes and expectations, diet and nutrition, the way we reach and teach kids-before we change our children through medication.” Parents of children whose behavior is regarded as difficult or out of control are encouraged to believe their child has a "disease". For many parents, it is more socially acceptable to give your child's behavior a diagnosis rather than simply admitting their child behaves badly and along with the diagnosis, comes the offer for treatment. Many children with this…show more content…
Subjective check lists used to diagnosis ADD and ADHD within the school system is frighteningly similar to the checklists used to determining Gifted and Talented children. Family physicians themselves are under a great deal of pressure from teachers and social workers to prescribe medications such as Ritalin for children who are demonstrating bad behavior or having a difficult time of learning. Even though teachers and social workers are trained to notice and help correct issues, they are most likely not educated on how the drug industry works or the appropriate procedure regarding drug therapy. It is an extremely frightening lethal mixture of ignorance and misplaced trust which remains among social workers and teachers. Usually parents who are receiving assistance through the government receive additional funding for children who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Many low socio-economic families or single parents often find it very difficult to refuse the added income and additional assistance such as free babysitting if their child is labeled and diagnosed with a disorder. Hearing that your child has ADD or ADHD is common place in today's society. Parents and society as a whole often does not realize that they are labeling them with a mental disorder which is listed in the DSM-IV. DSM-IV, is the diagnosis billing codes manual which codes everything from sinusitis to schizophrenia. It is something which will always remain on

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