Somali An Analysis Of Violent Events And U.s. Covert Operations

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Somalia in the Age of War on Terror: An Analysis of Violent Events and U.S. Covert Operations
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Somalia is a small country in the eastern part of Africa, known as “The Horn of Africa”. According to the CIA World Factbook (2016), Somalia has a population of roughly 10.4 million, and 85 percent of people are Somali. Additionally, a significant part of the population is Muslim, (CIA World Factbook, 2016), whom have contributed to the current conflict. In this report, we analyze the recent violent conflict and U.S. intervention in Somalia.

The disorder in Somalia that has built up for many years has contributed to the growth of a terrorist group bent on global jihad, al-Shabaab (Ibrahim, 2010). Al-Shabaab is an Islamist group that has been involved in conflict with the Somalian government, and is considered one of the major threats to Somalia’s prospects for peace (Mueller, 2016).

The United States became involved with military strikes in Somalia during 2009, to combat al-Shabaab (Rotte, 2016). However, numerous civilians have lost their lives in the process. Complicating the situation, it is not always clear whether or not al Shabaab poses an imminent threat. Prior to 2009, the United States also set up the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-terrorism, where they allied with Somali warlords to fight al-Qaeda (Ibrahim, 2010). Since the United States allied itself the Somalian government, drone attacks that

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