Some Athletes Are Criminals not Role Models Essay

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Some Athletes Are Criminals not Role Models The fact that athletes are role models does not correspond with the reality that they often get away with criminal acts. The growing trend of finding athletes involved with criminal acts is growing at a considerable rate. Though these so-called role models are in the eye of many, the officials and judges elected to determine their guilt usually let these athletes get off. Athletes, though some of them wish not to be, are role models. They are who we watch in our free time, and therefore we would like to be them. I remember watching the now famous Gatorade commercial touring the catchy phrase embodied in tune. “Like Mike, if I could be like Mike,” and thinking, yeah, I’d like to be like…show more content…
I watch the television shows such as ESPN’s “The Life,” where a television crew follows around a professional athlete all day long documenting what it is they do when they are not playing their respective sport. I pay attention to all these things and often come to this realization; these people are just like me, they play a sport for fun and at times show many of the same characteristic traits that I employ; yet there are two major differences. One, they get paid very large amounts of money to play, in most cases, their favorite sport, and two, they are watched and therefore admired by many, making them famous in their own right. It is with these notions that I find it appalling to think and see that these same people many look up to in admiration, commit acts of crime. The history of what I personally know as the start of crime in the sports world started in 1919 with the “Black Sox Scandal.” This crime, although sports related, was based on many of the players on the Chicago White Sox baseball team, eight to be exact, “throwing” the World Series. Betters paid these players to play poorly, thus allowing these gamblers to bet on the opposing team that was not favored and win a large amount of money. The players were caught in this scam and those that were involved were kicked out of baseball as a result. One of the players
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