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History under the influence It is argued that history can be very interesting in the normal state of mind but being under the influence makes the topic much more intriguing. We are presented with drunken history video capturing three distinct history incidents. The first video presents “Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks”, second is “John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson”, and final is “Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening.” Two of the videos are presented in a unique under the influence presentation explaining historical events. Each video will be analyzed and broken-down of how each person used three categories of rhetoric which include a logical appeal defined as logos (OWLPurdue: Logo), an emotional convey known as pathos (OWLPurdue: Pathos),…show more content…
The anchor of the show begins the broadcast in clarifying that it is not very interesting and only “a desperate attempt to fill twenty-four hours of programing” which clearly is a lack of ethos driving the audience away. The first presented footage is a loose bear running around the community and it being common but “residents were shocked to see this fairly common thing happening” which does not make compete sense as if it was a common occurrence then the residence would not be as shocked. One of the interviewed individuals is an old man who stated “I’m an older man so you can trust what I say” however, being older the information can be very skeptical and uncredited. In addition, he comments that “authorities in special uniform rushed to the scene to stand around while our cameras filmed them” and this is not very logical as we know that authorities arrive to a scene to assist in emergencies and not to be recorded. Throughout the entire broadcast his voice tone is very dull with little emotion and the words are very repetitive in the use of “bullshit”. Austin, in “Reading The World of Ideas That Matter” explains the importance of incorporating strict sense and a mode of persuasion (179) and this video lacks both qualities. There is a lack of pathos and ethos which give no real reason, aside to get a laugh out, to continue

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